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Your Apple Watch and iPhone records a lot of data about your activity and health. Wrapped for Apple Health allows you to generate a beautiful report about your activity, sleep, and more!
Your data is never uploaded to any server, all statistics are generated locally in your browser.

Wrapped for Apple Health

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Welcome to Wrapped for Apple Health - Your Personalized Health Activity Summary:

Curious to see the peaks of your fitness journey or those serene heart rate valleys? Wrapped for Apple Health is here to bring you insightful analytics of your physical activities throughout the year.

With Wrapped for Apple Health, dive into a detailed retrospective of your health data, from daily step counts and heart rate patterns to exercise durations and sleep quality.

Ready to unwrap your health stats? Start by exporting your Apple Health data directly from the Health app on your iPhone. Tap on your profile picture, scroll down, and select "Export Health Data". Once you have your data exported, upload the "Healthexport.zip" to Wrapped for Apple Health, and we'll handle the rest, right in your browser.

Your privacy is our top priority. With Wrapped for Apple Health, your data stays yours - unuploaded, unshared, securely sealed. Our process is transparent: your health data remains strictly within your browser, untouched and unstored by our servers.

For those who love a good look under the hood, our full source code is openly available on GitHub. Check it out at https://github.com/vantezzen/health-wrapped to see exactly how Wrapped for Apple Health respects your data and privacy.

Wrapped for Apple Health is the result of passion - a project born out of a love for health data and the joy of sharing the 'Wrapped' experience, akin to Spotify's year-end tradition. It's your personal, playful, and private way to revisit a year's worth of health and fitness achievements.

And for an added beat to your data review, you can enable background tunes from Spotify, giving you a soundtrack to your stats without any need to share your Spotify credentials with us. It's all about celebrating your health, securely and with a smile.

Launch into Wrapped for Apple Health and let's make those stats dance. Join a community where your health data gets a fun twist and discover a new way to appreciate your year's progress.

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